Darryl’s EZ Business Plan for Realtors - PowerFACT:  Failing to plan is a little like planning to fail. Keep it simple, but make a PLAN. I’m not trying to be a holiday party pooper – but if you’re not already planning your new year business strategies, you’re already falling behind your competition. Here’s what I know:  when you create a focus, and […]
Getting a Handle on Objections - Two Rules You Should Know About Objections By Real Estate Speaker and Coach Darryl Davis Stop me if you’ve heard this one, “I have a friend in the business.” Or, “We want to talk to at least three brokers.” Or, (one of my personal favorites), “We can always come down in price LATER.”  Been there. […]
How to Get More Listings in 5 Minutes - Six Strategies You Can Count On By Real Estate Coach and Author Darryl Davis In the next five minutes in the video below, let me share with you the top six tips I have for any agent eager to get more listings and have more success in the next twelve months. My Power Program® students, […]
Prospecting + Consistency = Income - A Reliable Equation for Success By Real Estate Speaker and Coach Darryl Davis PowerFact: It doesn’t matter whether you’re a top producer or a first-month salesperson … when your prospecting efforts dwindle, so does your income. No matter how busy you are, you must constantly prospect in order to remain successful in real estate. However, […]
Seize the Opportunities - I actually got to the point where I enjoyed handling objections. It became fun for me. I love what the great philosopher Nietzsche said: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Instead of DREADING objections – I saw them for what they really were and that was an opportunity to fine-tune my skills. A chance to get so good at dealing with objections, I couldn’t wait for one to get lobbed at me so that I could hit it out of the park. I really want that same thing for my Power Agents and coaching members.
Two Keys to Working with Buyers And Having More Fun - I literally want agents to have more fun working with fewer buyers, while making more sales. Listen, I WAS you. I remember what it was like to take buyers out, and the frustration of showing them house after house and them not making a purchase, or (worse) purchasing from somebody else.
Two Reasons to Work with Buyers - Talk to any top producer and they’ll tell you the same thing – keep your skills with buyers sharp as well. On average, most top professionals get 25% of their business from buyers, and you should too.