How to Double Your Income in 2018 Webinar On Demand - Powerfact:  When you get the right people together who are eager to learn, ready to laugh, and prepared to make a difference in their lives? ANYTHING is possible. A big thank you to everyone who joined us for this week’s Kick Off the Year Webinar:  How to Double Your Income in 2018. We had a terrific group […]
How to Create a Vision Board for 2018 - POWERFACT:  Life gets really exciting when you start to see your dreams fall into place. A Fun Tool to Help Design a Life Worth Smiling About By Real Estate Coach and Motivational Speaker Darryl Davis There’s something magical about vision boards that don’t have anything to do with magic – and everything to do with […]
How to Create Goals That Keep You FOCUSED - POWERFACT: The more complicated you make something, the less likely you’ll be to see it through. It’s a great time of year to get excited about your goals – isn’t it? Resolutions are flying and people are planning. All of that is awesome stuff. I wanted to just add my two-cents on the topic! First […]
A Gift for the Kids - Did You Know? We’re on a mission. A big part of what we do as a team here at Darryl Davis Seminars and The Power Program is live our mission and commitment to help people design a life worth smiling about.What you may not know is that we are over-the-moon passionate about helping kids. They […]
Eight SELF Management Strategies for Life & Business - PowerFact: Ninety-five percent of the problems you and I have in the area of time management are not really about managing time at all. What most of us call time management is really about managing our attitude. Chances are good that you’ve attended a time management seminar before or you’ve read a book or listened to […]
Darryl’s EZ Business Plan for Realtors - PowerFACT:  Failing to plan is a little like planning to fail. Keep it simple, but make a PLAN. I’m not trying to be a holiday party pooper – but if you’re not already planning your new year business strategies, you’re already falling behind your competition. Here’s what I know:  when you create a focus, and […]
4 Key Reasons Why Listings Are So Important  - It’s All About Focus   By Real Estate Coach and Speaker Darryl Davis You know, the bottom line is I want you to succeed in this business. Sooner. Rather than later. I’ve seen agents struggle. I’ve seen agents soar. Trust me when I tell you, it’s a whole lot more fun watching people thrive. That’s why […]
Prospecting + Consistency = Income - A Reliable Equation for Success By Real Estate Speaker and Coach Darryl Davis PowerFact: It doesn’t matter whether you’re a top producer or a first-month salesperson … when your prospecting efforts dwindle, so does your income. No matter how busy you are, you must constantly prospect in order to remain successful in real estate. However, […]
How to Get More Listings in 5 Minutes - Six Strategies You Can Count On By Real Estate Coach and Author Darryl Davis In the next five minutes in the video below, let me share with you the top six tips I have for any agent eager to get more listings and have more success in the next twelve months. My Power Program® students, […]
Seize the Opportunities - I actually got to the point where I enjoyed handling objections. It became fun for me. I love what the great philosopher Nietzsche said: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Instead of DREADING objections – I saw them for what they really were and that was an opportunity to fine-tune my skills. A chance to get so good at dealing with objections, I couldn’t wait for one to get lobbed at me so that I could hit it out of the park. I really want that same thing for my Power Agents and coaching members.