Powerfact:  Real estate tools by themselves don’t get results. It’s how you use them that get results.

We are fielding a lot of calls and questions right now from agents who are competing against flat-fee MLS services and discount brokerage models. In this week’s video, Darryl shares the power of using metaphors and analogies for communicating that MLS is just ONE tool that helps homeowners get their properties sold and how it is not just the tool -but how they are used that are required to get real results.


On this week’s coaching call, we actually reviewed this analogy and more and talked about how much more effective you can be in your listing conversations when you use stories and metaphors and analogies. This week, we encourage Power Agents to review the How to Become a Listing Machine Webinar on demand. You can watch it here. 

It’s an hour long, content-packed webinar that can help you become a better communicator — and stronger listing agent! How’s that for a win-win?

Next, join us for THIS week’s webinar!

Wednesday, May 15th
12:00 Noon – 1:00 PM Eastern
*Please check for your local time zone

How to DOUBLE Your Sales Through Open Houses

  • In this 1-hour jammed-packed webinar full of specific strategies, you will learn how to:
  • Use the best digital tools to help manage and promote your open houses
  • Generate dozens of listing appointments in two hours
  • Leverage the dos and don’ts for staging for an open house
  • Most effectively meet, greet, and capture every buyer’s contact information
  • Utilize the best promotional vehicles to ensure a successful turnout
  • Follow up after the open house so you can turn your leads into sales
  • Expertly use social media to generate open house traffic
  • Choose the most important proper signage to promote your open house


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