How to Create Cash Flow for Real Estate Pros

POWERFACT: If you’re not building inventory, you’re not creating cash flow.

In our business, our money goes up and down. Feels a little like a roller coaster right? What do your friends in every other profession have that we don’t have? A paycheck!  When you’re not sure where YOUR next commission is coming from — it’s stressful. We get manic about it. We worry about having to get a “real job”.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. If you want to create a real estate business that you can consistently count on to earn the kind of living you want, you’ve got to focus on building your listing INVENTORY.

Watch this: 

I love the shoe store analogy. You can open a shoe store and focus on filling it with shoes, advertising, and bringing in the buyers or you can find a buyer and drive them all over town to different shoe stores. Which makes more sense?  Owning the store, right? Same thing in real estate. You can be the agent with the listing and have other agents working at helping you find the buyers, or you can put buyers in your car and literally spend your time selling another agent’s “shoes”.

Our market is always changing, always shifting, and the agents with their eye on the prize to create consistent, repeatable, reliable income — are building listing INVENTORY. 

Here are six great places to start: 

  1. Calling current FSBOs
  2. Calling current Expireds
  3. Calling your sphere
  4. Canvassing your farm
  5. Calling For Rent By Owners 
  6. Call around competitor’s listings

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