Podcast of September 10th Coaching Call

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for today’s call! We loved the questions, the suggestions, and the amazing interaction!

In this week’s call, Darryl and fellow Power Agents share some strategies such as: 

  • Improving audio quality on videos
  • Just Listed/Just Sold Postcard tips
  • A great resource in BoxBrownie.com for removing unwanted items from property photos
  • The power of professional listing photography (how one agent got 3x the click-through rate on her listing!)
  • FSBO voicemail and prospecting dialogue strategies
  • How to deal with difficult clients
  • And More…

We also announced a few changes! 

Power Agents – be sure to join us for NEXT Monday’s call at 11AM Eastern time! Darryl will share the strategies of the week, then take questions live! Get the answers you need and connect with like-minded professionals every Monday! Click here to get your login credentials! 

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