Three FSBO Dialogues for Getting the Appointment

POWERFACT:  FSBOs are a tremendous source of NOW business. Master the techniques and you’ll always be able to build listing inventory.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of agents working FSBOs and Expireds. With the right tools and training, they are a consistent source of business for agents that are willing to get past the “stigma” that all FSBOs are mean and unapproachable. I laugh when I tell my students that they were all trained by the French trainer, Jacques FSBO! (Say that with an accent, please as you read it!)

The truth is they are usually very approachable WHEN you have the right approach and the right questions to ask. That’s what we’re going to cover in today’s video! The Power Agents that use this technique and dialogue average at least two listing appointments out of every four calls to FSBOs. If you’re not hitting those numbers — this is the video to watch! Enjoy!

Mastering the right words is the key. Power Agents®, download your full copy of the FSBO Dialogue guide in the Prospecting tab in your Classroom. While you’re in there, grab a copy of the 26 Reasons a FSBO Should NOT Sell Themselves flyer — it’s so comprehensive that we are going to make it the foundation for our August webinar!

If you’re ready to take on FSBOs and Expireds this summer, I recommend you first watch our webinar on demand — FSBOs and EXPIREDS UNLEASHED that we hosted recently. It’s a full hour of FSBO and Expired training – from how to easily find those leads and secure the appointment to how to close for the signature and get those properties sold! 

You’ll find it here. 

I understand summer is here, and I do hope you’re having a great one, and taking some time to enjoy your family and personal time! I do ALSO hope you are keeping your eye on the ball. This is the time of year when most agents press snooze for a month or two, which gives you an opportunity to capture their market share. 

It’s also important to remember that our market is showing signs of shifts on the horizon — shifts that might cause getting listings more difficult. What I am telling all our Power Agents is to not wait for fall to build a significant listing inventory. Get as much now business as you can and be consistent in your “touches” to your sphere of influence as well. Those agents that do? Can weather whatever comes their way. Make sure you are one of them! 

Did you know? According to NAR statistics, the typical FSBO home sold for $190,000 compared to $249,000 for agent-assisted home sales? #HireAnExpert Click To Tweet

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