Using “THE LIST” to Get the Listing

POWERFACT:  Using metaphors and analogies helps you connect on a higher level when in a Listing Conversation.

Listen, I LOVE technology. I’ve got an app for almost everything. But here’s what I know – sometimes we can technology ourselves right out of a listing. Sometimes, going “old school” with a printed LIST — allows you to make the perfect point for why YOU should be the agent a seller lists with. Let me illustrate– watch this:

This is a great technique to practice using a list of your own with a friend or mentor. When we use visuals like a list to communicate with sellers, we add credibility to our words and illustrate more value during our conversation.

I’ll be discussing more powerful ways to be more effective during the listing conversation in our upcoming Webinars:

  • Master the Listing Appointment and Become a Listing Machine
  • Power Agent Members Only: Delving Deep into the 4 Sections of the Listing Conversation

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