Why iBUYER is the Worst Thing for Homeowners

Powerfact: Knowing the FACTS about market disruptors is the key to leveraging them in your favor.

A note from Darryl:

There will always be new disruptors in our industry. Always. Savvy agents don’t let allow them to take their eye off the ball, however. In recent months, we’ve had questions arise again and again regarding iBUYER programs from companies such as OpenDoor, Zillow, and OfferPad. To help our Power Agent® membership – and agents all across the nation better understand these programs, and effectively compete against them, I went into research mode, and what I found was that these services are misleading in ways and are a detriment to a homeowner’s return on investment.

I felt SO passionate and concerned about what I learned that I went into the studio to record an entire presentation for you to spell out, in specifics, why these programs are the worst things for homeowners. Fair warning — it’s almost an hour long — and you too will probably get a little hot under the collar after watching this when you realize what these programs really mean for consumers that would otherwise have their investments in the care and well-keeping of a licensed real estate professional.

Watch it on demand…

Then, I encourage you to share this with every agent you know and do whatever you need to do in terms of door knocking, marketing, social media — the works — to let home sellers in your area know that these programs are NOT in their best interests. 

Power Agents, I have put the entire PowerPoint slide deck (with a bonus slide) in the Objection Handling tab – it’s labeled iBuyer Presentation. Download it today. 

This is an important learning opportunity for agents.

When you watch this entire presentation, you’ll have the resources you need to show sellers…

  • why these programs actually SHOW THE VALUE of a 6% commission
  • how they are actually paying more and losing potentially a tremendous amount of money
  • why they really AREN’T saving time
  • exactly how these programs are only looking out for THEIR interest as investors — not the consumer
  • why using a licensed real estate professional will help them keep more of their bottom line dollars

Watch it. Share it. And feel free to use the information you learn to help home sellers in your area have the best possible information to protect their interests! 

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